My professional experience to date includes filming all around the world on international wildlife productions, documentaries and web content. In my 12 years of filming, I have been involved in several award winning projects.

One of my more recent involvements is filming a sequence for the 5 part TV series “The mating game” (BBC2, NHK).

My work has brought me to the lesser visited edges of our world. I have specialized in filming in harsh and remote areas. Such as the vast wilderness of Ethiopia´s highlands, rough volcanos in Kamchatka or the lush rainforests of South America.

My range of filming technics reaches from, long lense,  macro, specialized cameras, drone, as well as professional film lighting for interviews, and beauty shot.

My profound technical knowledge goes back to studying “digital film and animation“ at the SAE Institute, Cologne, followed by an internship at the renowned camera rental house “pillefilm cologne”.

After that I  held an employment at „ Light and Shadow“ in Münster, for whom I spend two years in Brazil, filming “Brazil – a natural history” (NatGeo, Terra Mater).