Andes - Animal Kindom

3 x 50 min 4K,  to be aired in 2017        

Producer: Light&Shadow for WDR, NDR, arte

Regie: Christian Baumeister


Africa┬┤s lost wolfes (WT)

52 min 4K,  to be aired in 2017        

Producer: Altayfilms, NDR DocLights, Terra Mater, France5

Regie: Yann Sochaczewski, Henry Mix


Wildes Albanien

HD 1080,  2016        

Producer: LOOKS Film, ARD, Top Channel

Regie: Cornelia Volk, Alexander Sommer


Vier werden Eltern

53min, HD 1080, 2015        

Producer: Maschke Film, arte, rbb

Regie: Eva Maschke

2. unit camera, camera  assistant

Wildes Ruhrgebiet

HD 1080, to be aired in 2016        

Producer: Light & Shadow GmbH


The Lesser Caucasus

52min, HD 1080, to be aired in 2015        

Producer: Altarfilm GmbH

for NDR, WDR, Channel One Russia, Terra Mater


North America┬┤s natural wonders - Saguaro National Park

45min, HD 1080, 2015

Producer: Altarfilm GmbH                          

for NDR / DocLights, NatGeo, ORF, arte          

slowmotion shots / additional camera                                                                                             

Expeditions(WT) - series of indents and interstitials

HD 1080, to be aired in 2015                                

Producer: SmartPictures

for Channel One Russia, Russian Geographical Society 

camera assistant

Wild Untamed Brazil 

(Award winner of "Natur Vision 2015" for best wildlife movie)

(5 x 50min, HD 1080, aired in 2014)

Light&Shadow for Terra Mater, National Geographic

(episode 1 - 4) camera, (episode 5) camera assistant                                                          

Raccoon - Immigrants from Wild West

50min, HD 1080, aired in 2012

Producer: Light&Shadow GmbH

for WDR, NDR Naturfilm

camera assistant