about me 

My name is Philipp Klein and I´m a camera operator from Berlin.                                                                                                    

I was born in Worms in 1985 where I grew up in a small town called Grünstadt. After school I moved to Cologne to learn how to make movies. I worked for the renowned rental house "Pillefilm" where I learned to deal with professional film and video equipment. 

After my time there I worked for numerous productions such as commercials, short movies and music videos as a camera assistant, data wrangler, dolly operator and lightning technician.

Finally I got a job at "Light&Shadow GmbH" in Münster. During the time working there I spent more than one and a half years traveling and filming all over Brazil. For me that was a very challenging and exciting time. 

After three years I left "Light&Shadow" and moved to Berlin to become a freelancer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

my work

My favorite genres are nature- and documentary films. In the last years I was filming on different locations all over the world. From the humidity of the amazonian rainforest to the clear cold of Kamchatka´s winter I had to deal with a big range of difficult shooting conditions. Since I startet in 2010 I was involved in many different wildlife and nature film projects, including a five part series about Brazil.

As a documentary filmmaker I always try to use the right moment, the right light and the right angle to catch the emotional truth of a situation, no matter if I´m following a wild animal, discovering the inside of a termite mound or portray a person.

I worked for NDR, WDR, SWR, arte, Terra Mater and NatGeo and I´m familiar with current film and TV camera systems, such as RED, ARRI, Canon and Vision Research.

awards for films I was involved

Darßer Naturfilmpreis, best movie and audience award 2015 for "Americas natural wonders - Saguaro"

Greenscreen, best movie 2015 for "Americas natural wonders - Saguaro"

Natur Vision, best wildlife movie 2015 for "Brazil - Wild Heart"

New York Festitivals category: Nature & Wildlife for "Brazil - Wild Heart"

New York Festitivals category: Nature & Wildlife for "Brazil - Fragile Forest"